Perseverance pays off

Never give up.  This is what team John Stamos and the Full House learned tonight at the Jolly Roger in John’s Landing.  They’ve been playing Quizzy for months, never scoring a victory, and tonight THEY WON! I cheer for them tonight. I cheer because  I have a place inside my heart for the teams that stick it out week after week, scoring third, fourth, or hell, even sometimes last place again and again.  Yet they keep coming back and they keep trying.  I’d love to say it’s pure unadulterated love of the game, but they wanna win.  They always wanna win.  Who doesn’t like winning? The teams that keep playing? Finally one night, when you least expect it: BOOM; that magical mix of David Duchovny, Air Force 1, taxonomy and Snooki that only a great trivia night can bring, pushing you to victory. Trivia victory may seem like a small thing, but when you’ve been fighting it out with teams all over the city for your piece of the winners pie, and finally, you claim it? That my friends is a sweet victory indeed.  Sweet well deserved victory.

Congrats to the John Stamos team.  Well deserved win tonight.  It’s nights like this that help me remember why I love this job.  Watching you win and quoting Snooki all in the same night?  It’s magical work.

Quoth the Snooki  ” I will fucking attack you like a squirrel monkey”

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Visitors aka I fucking love Oregon

My Mother is visiting from out of state this week, and with that, and it seems any out-of-state visit comes the obligatory trip to Multnomah Falls.  Of course, my Mother, having seen the Multnomah Falls Lodge on some television show proclaims: “It’s just like it looks on Teevee!” and wishes to have a nice brunch at the lodge. Sounds great, no?  I make the reservation a couple days before and we luck out.  The weather is lovely in Portland, it’s a lovely drive down the lovely Columbia River gorge to the lovely Multnomah Falls Lodge on a lovely Sunday morning.  
We arrive at the falls area after fighting for a parking spot to find some non-profit groups peddling their wares and literature in the areas just in front of the gift shop.  First up, I throw a dollar at the old guys with the raffle tickets for a trip to Alaska.  Who doesn’t want to go to Alaska anyway?  I mean, it’s cold. There’s wildlife.  Whatever, it’s a buck.  Done. I’ll let you know in APRIL when they do the drawing if I won.  Along the way, there’s a spot to make a lovely woodcut necklace for a small donation, which we do, providing my Mother with an “authentic handmade souvenir” and then, my favorite tourist enlightenment and education stop: The gutted Salmon.
There’s a man with the display who exclaims he’s a teacher from some local college, and he’s educating everyone about the local salmon and their spawning habits by RIPPING APART DEAD FISH. He’s not only ripping apart the dead fish (which were dying in a fish hatchery, btw) but he’s doing it WITHOUT GLOVES.  He’s got a couple of very bloody fingers on one hand, with the blood creeping up almost to the sleeve of his fleece, from all the poking and flesh lifting, and he’s got a weird nervous habit of touching his shirt and apparently, his face/ beard as both of those have notable spots of blood as well.  Of course, I’m totally into listening as he explains the gills, the liver, the eggs, and the weird ass kidney along the back of the fish. Part of me wants to reach over and just poke at it’s nasty ass carcass awhile with him, maybe sniff it a bit, while part of me is totally petrified at his bloody fingers and enthusiasm with this project of ripping up dead fish.
Best part?  All the horrified, white-faced crying children who walked by innocently and saw the bloody ripped up salmon (and the parents of those children) and their reactions to the display.  The man never flinched. Just made jokes and scratched his beard with his bloody fingers.
After the lovely dead gutted salmon display, we made our way inside the lodge and had a great brunch featuring: fresh salmon.  
I fucking love Oregon.

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Two new venues

Please welcome, in the next week, two new venues to the Quizzy Portland team!  We’ve got the Sellwood Public House on Wednesday nights at 7 pm,  with Quizmaster Polly.  Thursday welcomes Morgy’s Pub in Hillsboro with Sabrina Miller and Quizmaster Polly alternating weeks of hosting.  These two new venues give you more choices on places to play, if you’re not close in Pdx, and a great location for the west side friends.  
Sellwood on Wednesday nights is offering up some great prizes, and starts up next week, the first Wednesday of Novemeber, and kicks off with our Testicide qualifying rounds.  Remember, it’s always free to play and the winning and losing teams choose a theme for the next week!

Find more info about Sellwood Public House here:

Sellwood Public House      7pm   w/ Quizmaster Polly

8132 SE 13th Ave
Portland, OR 97202-6608
(503) 736-0179

AND about the great new Hillsboro location, Morgy’s Pub (right on the Max line!) here:

Morgy’s Pub                            

5245 NE Elam Young Parkway
Hillsboro, OR 97124
(503) 648-6885

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How to spend the 80’s at the Mall In style!

Enjoy while I cringe and regret this decision as soon as I hit send.