Perseverance pays off

Never give up.  This is what team John Stamos and the Full House learned tonight at the Jolly Roger in John’s Landing.  They’ve been playing Quizzy for months, never scoring a victory, and tonight THEY WON! I cheer for them tonight. I cheer because  I have a place inside my heart for the teams that stick it out week after week, scoring third, fourth, or hell, even sometimes last place again and again.  Yet they keep coming back and they keep trying.  I’d love to say it’s pure unadulterated love of the game, but they wanna win.  They always wanna win.  Who doesn’t like winning? The teams that keep playing? Finally one night, when you least expect it: BOOM; that magical mix of David Duchovny, Air Force 1, taxonomy and Snooki that only a great trivia night can bring, pushing you to victory. Trivia victory may seem like a small thing, but when you’ve been fighting it out with teams all over the city for your piece of the winners pie, and finally, you claim it? That my friends is a sweet victory indeed.  Sweet well deserved victory.

Congrats to the John Stamos team.  Well deserved win tonight.  It’s nights like this that help me remember why I love this job.  Watching you win and quoting Snooki all in the same night?  It’s magical work.

Quoth the Snooki  ” I will fucking attack you like a squirrel monkey”

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